Solange (saveservo2000) wrote in we_hate_emo,

why i hate emo...

oh man... i hate emo with an undying passion! why you ask? heres a list:
1. the lyrics suck dick. wtf is all this depressing bullshitty "my headphones will tell you what i can't tell you" stuff?
2. the fashion is ridiculous. it's like they ripped off goth and combined it with dragqueen elements. eeeeew.
3. "emo" glasses. those just look dorky. i'll admit, i had a pair that i loved to death, but i got them becuase they looked like austin powers glasses.
4. it turned my best friend into a zombie. she used to be into jane's addiction, beck and other cool bands. then she started listening to underoath and other shit... and all of a sudden all she ever does is listen to them and she never talks to me! it's always her just going around singing this stupid shit. the other day, she wouldn't do me a simple favor becuae she was listening ot music. auuuuugh!!! FUCKING EMO ZOMBIE!!!

i fucking hate emo.
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